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Basket Case

Original title: Basket Case
Czech titile: Šílenství proutěného košíku
Country and year: USA 1982
Director: Frank Henenlotter
Version: English / Czech simultaneous translation into headphones
Running time: 91 minutes
Screening format: DVD
Screening: Thursday 12th February 2009 from 18:00
Venue: cinema Aero, Praha
Admission: 90,- Kč
Screening: Sunday 22th February 2009 from 19:30
Venue: Fléda, Brno

A young man named Duane carrying a big basket with unknown content seeks vengeance on doctors who had done him wrong. This bizarre horror comedy is Frank Henenlotter’s feature debut and his first film dealing with a symbiotic relationship between the hero and a monster. Watch out – the tenant in room 7 is very small, very twisted and very mad.


5th edition (2009)
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Šílenství proutěného košíku

Šílenství proutěného košíku

Šílenství proutěného košíku

Šílenství proutěného košíku


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