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The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism

Original title: Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel
Czech titile: Hadí jáma a kyvadlo
Country and year: SRN 1967
Director: Harald Reinl
Version: German / Czech subtitles
Running time: 85 minutes
Screening format: Beta
Screening: Sunday 15th February 2009 from 18:30
Venue: cinema Aero, Praha
Admission: 100,- Kč

Unbelievable! Until you see it with your own eyes! German genre routinist Harald Reinl carved his place in history by directing a series of films about Winnetou and his white brother Old Shatterhand. This was his attempt to copy the success of Hammer gothic horrors. The main attraction of this hillariously naive picture is its “stellar” cast. Alongside Lex Barker and Karin Dor (Old Shatterhand and Ribanna) the film can boast the presence of the icon of British horrors – His Demonic Highness Christopher Lee himself.


5th edition (2009)
- films / programme

Hadí jáma a kyvadlo

Hadí jáma a kyvadlo

Hadí jáma a kyvadlo

Hadí jáma a kyvadlo

Hadí jáma a kyvadlo


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