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End of the Wicked

Original title: End of the Wicked
Czech titile: Konec modloslužebníků
Country and year: Nigérie 1999
Director: Teco Benson
Version: Nigerian English / Czech simultaneous translation into headphones
Running time: 100 minutes (including commercials)
Screening format: VCD
Screening: Friday 13th February 2009 from 22:30
Venue: cinema Aero, Praha
Admission: 60,- Kč
Screening: Monday 23th February 2009 from 18:00
Venue: Fléda, Brno

An example of the flourishing African film industry, this particular movie deals with black magic and witchcraft. Beelzebub the Great presides over a curious black mass. Lecherous old bag Lady Destroyer tortures her son and steals the womb of her daughter. Has to be seen to be believed. Teco Benson is considered to be one of the more able directors, but African horrors have their specifics. Usually shot and finished in six days and distributed on VCD (Video CD), their sound and image quality is quite appalling, the special effects are crude, dialogue incongruous, yet they are extremely popular and commercially successful. One of the reason is their courage in breaking the still existing taboos in African cinema: crime, drugs, prostitution, witchcraft, political corruption, unmarital sex and even religion.


5th edition (2009)
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Konec modloslužebníků

Konec modloslužebníků

Konec modloslužebníků

Konec modloslužebníků


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