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Original title: Killer Workout
Czech titile: Vražedný aerobic
Country and year: USA 1987
Director: David A. Prior
Version: English / Czech simultaneous translation into headphones
Running time: 82 minutes
Screening format: DVD
Screening: Thursday 16th February 2012 from 18:00
Venue: cinema Aero, Praha
Admission: 100,- Kč
Screening: Wednesday 4th April 2012 from 18:00
Venue: klub Mír, Uherské Hradiště

This year we celebrate the body and grade-D genre director David Prior’s 1986 schlock-fest Killer Workout a.k.a. Aerobicide is a tale of a serial killer who preys on victims in a gym. Arguably the cheesiest of all slasher movies, it incorporates both inventive murders and good looking sweaty bodies grooving to an intense 80‘s sound track. The director does his best to keep a bit of cleavage in every shot and other delights include tons of the compulsory spandex outfits supplemented with neon wrist warmers and ridiculous hairdos. The film also contains probably the worst Psycho shower scene rip-off ever filmed. And then for those, who survive the slaughter, comes the final revelation that every place has a killer it deserves.


8th edition (2012)
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Vražedný aerobic

Vražedný aerobic

Vražedný aerobic

Vražedný aerobic


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