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Santo vs. the Television Killer

Original title: Santo contra el asesino de la T.V.
Czech titile: El Santo proti televiznímu vrahovi
Country and year: Mexico 1981
Director: Rafael Pérez Grovas
Version: Spanish / Czech simultaneous translation into headphones
Running time: 84 minutes
Screening format: DVD
Screening: Sunday 19th February 2012 from 16:00
Venue: cinema Aero, Praha
Admission: 100,- Kč

The world is a very uncertain place, but there is one thing you can be always sure of - whatever happens, the festival wouldn’t be complete without the firm father figure of Santo presiding over the shockproof proceedings. In this year’s double bill we’ll first introduce El Hijo del Santo, the son of the legendary luchador, fighting the notorious Mexican bureaucracy in a delicious little short and then in the main feature Santo himself gets to fight some masked creep named Magnus, who hijacks the airwaves to announce and then broadcast his crimes. In this outing the masked hero gets some help from Gerardo Reyes, then popular ranchera singer who plays a popular ranchera singer who is also a newspaper reporter who is also a government agent - whew!


8th edition (2012)
- films / programme

El Santo proti televiznímu vrahovi

El Santo proti televiznímu vrahovi

Tahle maska je moje!

Tahle maska je moje!


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