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Cinematic Shitsucker

Original title: Filmový hovnocuc: Konec světa
Czech titile: Filmový hovnocuc: Konec světa
Running time: 80 minutes
Screening format: clips with commentary
Version: Czech
Screening: Saturday 9th March 2019 from 17:00
Vennue: Cinema Aero, Prague
Admission: 100,- Kč

There are films so bad, deranged or unspeakable, you can see them only at The Shockproof Film Festival. And then there are films, that are too bad, deranged or unspeakable even for us. The real film waste, the stinking muddy waters of cinema. And very much like a gully sucker, our Cinematic Shitsucker plunges into this cesspool to bring to you some unexpected treasures. Hosted by true connoisseurs of film dung Antonín Tesař and Martin Kadeřábek, the evening will consist of a series of commented excerpts from films you wouldn’t want to see as a whole, all loosely connected to this year’s main apocalyptic theme. And since this is not going to be an exactly English friendly event, this text is pretty much pointless.


15th edition (2019)
- films / programme

Filmový hovnocuc: Konec světa

Filmový hovnocuc: Konec světa

Filmový hovnocuc: Konec světa


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