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Lords of Chaos

Original title: Lords of Chaos
Czech titile: Vládci chaosu
Country and year: USA, Sweden 2018
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Running time: 112 minutes
Screening format: HD
Version: English / Czech subtitles
Screening: Tuesday 5th March 2019 from 20:30
Vennue: Cinema Aero, Prague
Admission: 130,- Kč
Screening: Saturday 6th April 2019 from 23:00
Venue: Cinema Scala, Brno
Admission: 130,- Kč

Move over Freddie Mercury, there is a different kind of Bohemian Rhapsody coming! Based on truth and lies, Jonas Åkerlund’s Lords of Chaos is a bubbling cauldron of blackened biopic malevolence that’s as puckishly anarchistic as it is deranged and pure evil. Told with a voiceover straight out of Sunset Boulevard, it chronicles the rise and fall of the notorious band Mayhem and the evolution of True Norwegian Black Metal in the early 90’s. An increasingly bitter rivalry between two major players on the scene – Øystein Aarseth and Varg Vikernes – results in a wave of church burnings and brutal murder. These Scandinavian boys were more than ready to take their determination on not being poseurs to a whole different level. Death to false metal, all hail Lords of Chaos!


15th edition (2019)
- films / programme

Vládci chaosu

Vládci chaosu

Vládci chaosu

Vládci chaosu

Vládci chaosu


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