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Summer of 84

Original title: Summer of 84
Czech titile: Léto roku 84
Country and year: Canada, USA 2018
Director: RKSS
Running time: 106 minutes
Screening format: HD
Version: English / Czech subtitles
Screening: Thursday 7th March 2019 from 18:00
Vennue: Cinema Aero, Prague
Admission: 130,- Kč

The Montreal-based film collective RKSS made a splash in 2015 with their genre festival favourite Turbo Kid. In their second feature they again draw inspiration from the 80s, but at the same time prove that the decade’s cinematic inspirations have far more to offer than just crazy pastiches. This time the setting is an American suburb. But unlike films such as The ‘burbs (1989) or Fright Night (1985), which added supernatural elements or monsters to the common surroundings, Summer of 84 spins their paranoid premises into a far more realistic and therefore also chilling direction, while at the same time hinting to the fact, that something sinister and wicked lurks behind the picture-perfect facades. When the news hits that a serial killer is on the loose, the teenage conspiracy-theory aficionado Davey sees it as an invitation for an exciting adventure. He convinces himself that one of his neighbours is the murdering maniac and recruits his three best friends to start looking for convincing clues on their own.


15th edition (2019)
- films / programme

Léto roku 84

Léto roku 84

Léto roku 84

Léto roku 84

Léto roku 84


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