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Mortuary Academy

Original title: Mortuary Academy
Czech titile: Pohřební akademie
Country and year: USA 1988
Director: Michael Schroeder
Running time: 86 minut
Screening format: DVD
Version: live Czech dubbing
Screening: Sunday 2nd November 2019 from 18:00
Vennue: Cinema Aero, Prague
Admission: 150,- Kč

Where the dearly departed meet the clearly retarded. Mortuary Academy tells the grim tale of a pair of witless brothers named Grimm, who inherit both a large funeral home and a training school for morticians. However, the inheritance is contingent upon their graduating from the school. By its very title, the film has clearly been designed to exploit the enormous success of the hit comedy Police Academy and its endless series of sequels. As such it taps into the same vulgar bad taste humor and serves up an outrageous stew of necrophilia scenes, bloodthirsty psychopaths and bad jokes about menstruation. To take things even further, the endearing funeral classic will be dubbed live from stage into Czech by the shockproof dubbing embalmers Kafilerie Zawadská and Immanuel Lubrikant, so you better start practicing your Czech.


Autumn special 2019
- films / programme

Pohřební akademie

Pohřební akademie

Pohřební akademie

Pohřební akademie

Pohřební akademie


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