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Films of the Shockproof Online Specials 2020/2021

Due to the COVID-19 events and the government-issued precautions we have to postpone the annual Autumn Special as it was planned to take place in our usual venue Kino Aero. But you can join us for the regular Shockproof Online Specials in the digital realm:  

Day of the Warrior
(Day of the Warrior -- Den Toho, co tančí s kozami)
USA 1996     directed by Andy Sidaris

The Dragon Lives Again
(Lee sam geuk wai jan dei yuk moon -- Bruce Lee v Podsvětí)
Hong Kong 1977     directed by Law Kei

Guru, the Mad Monk
(Guru, the Mad Monk -- Hříchy pátera Uzla)
USA 1970     directed by Andy Milligan

The Human Tornado
(The Human Tornado -- Lidské tornádo)
USA 1976     directed by Cliff Roquemore

(Mausoleum -- Mauzoleum)
USA 1983     directed by Michael Dugan

Microwave Massacre
(Microwave Massacre -- Masakr mikrovlnnou troubou)
USA 1983     directed by Wayne Berwick

Ninja Zombie
(Ninja Zombie -- Nindža zombák)
USA 1992     directed by Mark Bessenger

Raw Force
(Raw Force -- Syrová síla)
Philippines, USA 1981     directed by Edward Murphy

Scary Tales
(Scary Tales -- Špalíček otrlých pohádek)
USA 1993     directed by Doug Ulrich

The Sword and the Claw
(Kılıç Aslan -- Meč a dráp)
Turkey 1975     directed by Natuk Baytan


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