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Holy Shit!

Original title: Ach du Scheisse!
Czech titile: Do hajzlu!
Country and year: Germany 2022
Director: Lukas Rinker
Running time: 90 minutes
Screening format: HD
Version: German / Czech and English subtitles
Screening: Saturday 15th October 2022 from 19:15
Vennue: Cinema Aero, Prague
Admission: 180,- Kč

There is no greater pleasure than seeing the misery of others – especially if somebody is bogged down in more shit than yours truly. We have sucked the mucky gem Holy Shit! out of a bottomless, musty hole called Cannes. Right here Lukas Rinker’s sensory-packed debut bubbled up to us, bringing together the impossible: Cast Away, MacGyver and even Phone Booth. Their German schmutzig rendition comes up with a nightmare about an architect Frank who finds himself trapped in a porta-potty, sticky with blood, sweat and other smelly fluids. He has only half an hour before his boss Horst (Gedeon Burkhard) blows up the honey bucket. Holy shit! is a grab-you-by-the-throat intense, well-crafted survival that flushes itself with gushing streams of incontinence humour of the lowest order.


Autumn special 2022
- films / programme

Ach du Scheisse!

Ach du Scheisse!

Ach du Scheisse!

Ach du Scheisse!


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