Bugs for Your Head: Metamorphosis + The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

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A special treat for the more demanding viewers who like to plunge into the artsy depths of the shockproof pool, here are two 50-minute adaptations of famous literary classics, which will take you on an existentially depressing journey into the lives of bugs.

First, we find ourselves in the insect body of Gregor Samsa from Kafka's The Metamorphosis in the made-for-TV film of Czechoslovak iconoclast in exile Jan Němec. Afterwards, immersive animation will transports us to a bug-infested dystopian version of The Adventures of Tom Thumb. For the price of one ticket, you get a unique combo of two completely distinctive, wickedly grotesque films! So don't hesitate to come and get your fill of angst, gloom and uncompromised creative visions.

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Tue 05.03.2024 / 18:00
Brouci do hlavy: Proměna + Utajená Palečkova dobrodružství
Cinema Aero / Prague
Minimum age: 15+
German + English / Czech and English subtitles