About us

The Shockproof Film Festival encompasses everything in cinema that is outside of the realms of mainstream or run-of-the-mill. Each year we present a fine selection of the most outstanding, impressive, overlooked, ludicrous and bizarre in horror, extreme, action, gore, camp, B-, C- and even X-rated movies. Our festival is a testament to the fact that there is no better way to see movies than going to the cinema. Nothing can match the excitement of being in an auditorium packed with people in the same mood while the theatre vibrates with screams of terror during a chilling horror film or bursts of laughter while watching some pathetic schlock. But The Shockproof Film Festival even goes beyond that. Each film gets the ideal treatment it deserves – from reverent screenings of classic milestones of genre cinema, accompanied by expert introductions, to interactive screenings, live dubbings and other creative appropriations in the name of an immersive, unique and unforgettable screening experience. With the help of cheap and DIY-style tools some films from our programme can even break the fourth wall and their monsters start wreaking havoc in the auditorium. Trashy movies gain a new life and meaning thanks to our popular creative simultaneous translations and live dubbings into Czech language. We also take the cinephilic adoration of classical film formats to a new level with screenings from archival media such as VHS or even VCD. Do not miss your chance to be a part of this wondrous ride in Prague’s cult repertory cinema Aero.

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Meet the Team

Pan Akurát
David Čeněk
Samantha Bifidus
Alžběta Šáchová
Jíra Fostrá
Jiří Flígl
Imanuel Lubrikant
Antonín Tesař
Josef Vokurka
Petr Šaroch
Kafilerie Zawadská
Zuzana Blaštíková
Jiří Blažek
Margarethe von Troma
Anna Krejčířová