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What might be the ideal viewer of a film with the straightforwardly bovine title of Panman? Hungry for new experiences, sure. Hungry, even ravenous, for artistic impressions that will lift up his soul? Well, time to curb our enthusiasm here because we could be in for a nasty crash with this flick. By screening Panman we are paying off one of our long-standing debts and giving you a glimpse into the universe of TomCat Films, whose library of straight-to-video junk boasts such shockproof gems like Nazi DawnMan with the Screaming Brain or Aliens vs. Titanic. One of the iconic entries in the TomCat catalogue, Panman tells a deliciously unhinged story in which the eponymous killer masking his identity with a saucepan on his head stalks the students of Webster’s Culinary Academy. That is until a custard professor decides to put a stop to his antics. And here we come back to the ideal viewer, who really should be hungry in the most basic sense of the word. For this reeking pile of cinematic garbage gives us a perfect opportunity to introduce our new interactive format: the Shockproof Culinary Cinema. Yes, folks, get your taste buds ready, for you are in for the highest form of experiential gastronomy. A perfectly curated multi-course degustation menu with a balanced combination of ingredients and flavours, served during the screening by a team of shockproof chefs directly in the auditorium of your favourite cinema. In short, haute cuisine à la Žižkov. And do not worry, we do not charge couvert in our establishment.

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Sat 09.03.2024 / 19:00
Cinema Aero / Prague
Minimum age: 15+
English / Czech subtitles