Bloody Pit of Horror

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Nothing will prepare you for the sheer bonkers sillines of this Italian-American mixture of beach party flicks, Euro gore and gothic horror. Here the bikini-clad girls do not party on sun-drenched beaches but pose in macabre vignettes between the walls of an ancient castle, which boasts all sorts of peeping apparatuses, deadly traps and, of course also, a spacious torture chamber. This man cave is the wicked playground of a deranged muscleman possessed by the spirit of a medieval executioner and pioneer of the NoFap movement. Ex-husband of Jayne Mansfield and retired bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay has turned this part into an all-in sensational masterpiece of mad overacting, which would make Vincent Price blush with awe. This colorful naive romp offers even more unintentionally funny acting from the rest of the cast as well, plus hefty amounts of goofy plot twists, comic-book silliness, looong takes of pseudo-suspense and many other B-movie ingredients. As a bonus, there are also plenty of shots of scantily clad female bodies which feature bloody make-up applied by Carlo Rambaldi, the later Oscar winning special effects master of Alien and E.T. - The Extraterrestrial fame.

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Mon 04.03.2024 / 18:00
Krvavá jáma hrůzy
Cinema Aero / Prague
Minimum age: 15+
English / Czech subtitles