Champagne and Bullets

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While fishing for forgotten gems in the swamp of cinematic junk, sometimes the shockproof programer exclaims Bingo! And voila, we are just a step away from the screening becoming the herald of a new era of interactive entertainment right in the Aero auditorium. Yes, you will be ticking off elements from the film in your Bingo cards. Elements sometimes as confusing as the opus from one-time writer, producer, soundtrack composer, lead actor and director John De Hart, who poured all his creative juices into this, in his own words „biggest little movie ever made.“ And what a treat it is. The horrible acting is matched only by an even worse singing, not to mention the jaw-droopingly awesome martial non-art. So are we in for a pleasant evening of aesthetic and mental self-torment? Bingo!

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Fri 15.03.2024 / 21:00
Šampíčko a kulky
Kino Lumière / Bratislava
Minimum age: 15+
English / Czech subtitles