Hard Ticket to Hawaii

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After years of worshipping the militarist genius of David A. Prior it’s time to introduce another bad action-movie hall of fame director, Andy Sidaris – the guy who has made a career based on his three “B”s: babes, bombs, and bullets. And if there’s a film that should act as an entry point for his repertoire, Hard Ticket to Hawaii is a great summary of what Andy is capable of. Exotic scenery, topless gun-toting Playboy Playmates, softcore sex scenes, fiery explosions, a maniacal snake, corny dialogue and debatable acting – this one has it all. Altogether, this is a sort of evocation of what made the Eighties so damn... Eighties. Tasteless, silly, shiny, hairsprayed, gratuitous.

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Sat 16.03.2024 / 18:00
Velké kozy na Havaji
Kino Lumière / Bratislava
Minimum age: 15+
Czech live dubbing