Only persons 18 years of age and older will be admitted to the screening.

The new shockproof format Videoautomat is partly a low-cost Videodrome, partly interactive cinema, partly a nostalgic blast from the past and partly pure Czech 90s VHS bullshit. In the beginning we will play 5 minutes of a selected videotape and then it will be up to the audience to decide what to watch next. There will be horror and action films but also all sorts of weird original straight to VHS content, commercials and many more. If you get a bit indecisive, do not worry - our experts will give you their educated advice. Most of the videos will be in Czech so if you do not understand this language your experience at this event will be even more otherworldly.

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Tue 05.03.2024 / 20:30
Cinema Aero / Prague
Minimum age: 18+