Taoism Drunkard

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This hyperactive hysterical whirlwind of goofy nonsense, madcap overacting, the lowest of low-brow comedy and jaw-dropping elaborate fight sequences takes no prisoners with its stoner logic, coked-up tempo and boozed-up humor. The creation of the collective known as the Yuen clan comes across as a fast-forward rush through the entire Hong Kong section of an 1980s video store, packed with exaggerated elements proudly copied from the hits of the era, including ghost flicks, parody blockbusters like Aces Go Places and Jackie Chan’s slapstick kung-fu movies.

And what is it actually about? The misguided brother of a martial arts master destroys their school’s idol and must hastily scrounge up a replacement, but also a male virgin with a specific birth date whose presence is crucial to the success of the rededication ceremony. But there will also be demonic opponents, legendary artifacts, seductive vixens, sophisticated training apparatuses, reanimated corpses and masters of drunken kung-fu. Not to mention the sheer amazing nonsense of the foot-propelled rat-cart or the invincible watermelon monster.

To even step up the phantasmagoric goofines we will screen Taoism Drunkard with the totally nonsensical English dubbing, which turns an already wacky film into a purely incomprehensible but all the more incredible spectacle.

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Sat 09.03.2024 / 17:00
36 promile Shaolinu
Cinema Aero / Prague
Minimum age: 15+
English / Czech subtitles