Do or Die

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Mr. and Mrs. Sidaris are back on the scene! And you bet you could tell this is their movie even if we would cut off the credits. Their boobalitious action marvels have been presented at our festival a few times and always received a duly hot welcome from the Shockproof audience. After all, what is not to like here? Tsunamis of titties, excess of explosions, guns, grenades and gummy plots. This year’s Do or Die is a proper apotheosis of Sidarisian fetish so much so it renounces every bit of logic. All you are left with is a pure jaw-dropping zilch. Actually, if you accept it as a 97-minutes-long computer game born in the head of the evil-minded crime lord Kane (Pat Morita) who just keeps sending his teams of assassins to kill a duo of well-endowed federal agents you might be happy as a Larry. However, mind the fact that the film will be dubbed live from stage into Czech by our three Shockproof agents Bifidus – Fostrá – Vokurka, so you better start practicing your Czech, folks!

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Sun 10.03.2024 / 20:15
Buď se hecnem, nebo zhebnem
Cinema Aero / Prague
Minimum age: 15+
Czech live dubbing