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Phenomena happens to be the most bizarre and perverse giallo of the renowned Dario Argento’s golden period, and not coincidentally one of his most beloved films. Argento’s quirky adult fairytale is pure confident nonsense that will put astonishment, horror and amusement on your face. Phenomena is, in the best sense of the word, a completely lunatic work, which cinematically defies many practices in order to bring raw emotions to the screen. The result is a proverbial nightmare, full of disturbing visions and unexpected twists. What’s more, we are presenting it for the first time ever on the big screen, delivered right in an extended, uncut version. Do not miss this unique and stylish horror flick with fantasy themes that will blow your mind. A beautiful dream, as strange yet enchanting as the insects themselves. The debut work for Oscar-winning Jennifer Connelly and another memorable role for veteran Donald Pleasence as a pseudo-scientist... once again.

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Sat 09.03.2024 / 21:15
Cinema Aero / Prague
Minimum age: 15+
English and Italian / Czech and English subtitles